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 Mod sacking

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I need a pie
I need a pie

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PostSubject: Mod sacking   Fri Jan 23, 2009 7:23 pm

Dear mods, You have 24 hours to do as much mod actions as you can (mod actions include Locking,Moving,Merging,Giving Infractions,Spliting topics and sending things to the basket). The mods who have done the 3 least mod actions after the 24 hours will be demoded and remoded when we have more users. Sorry for any incoviniance cause ~ ぶるづ@きつど1 and 绿色@孩子2 if you have any questions please pm 绿色@孩子2 Your 24 hours started at 6:30pm Penguin Standerd time

Here are some questions and answers to this move made by the admin team

Q. Why are you doing this?
A. Most of are active users are mods
Q. What will happen to the mods who get demoded?
A. They will become users untill we have 100+ users
Q. This is unfair why should we have to get punished when you make us mods?
A. The Admin team is sorry for any incovinance causeed by this matter and have made a new admin rule (the rule is to make a user a moderator they must do the following 1.Decuss it with the founder of the forum ぶるづ@きつど1 and then ask that user if they are willing to take on the responsabilty of a moderator)
If you have any questions please pm 绿色@孩子2
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Mod sacking
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