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 Some forum updates

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I need a pie
I need a pie

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PostSubject: Some forum updates   Mon Jan 12, 2009 3:44 am

1) Neo jet has now become admin and will hopefully stay admin untill march the 12th

2) Jayboy808 has now returned to a upper raked mod the reson being that he was only to be admin untill neo jet become admin

3) The new penguin ranks are here is you dont know what i am talking about please click this link

4) Me and Blues are talking about bring back the bank we will post if we do bring it back (if we bring it back you will have to have a pin number you can remember and you will get 5CP$ a day just for have money in the bank)

5) i am also thinking of making a Command Penguin update blog or twitter (note i said thinking) i will probaly use twitter is i am doing it

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Some forum updates
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