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 Official Rules 2.1

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Official Rules 2.1 Empty
PostSubject: Official Rules 2.1   Official Rules 2.1 Icon_minitimeThu Dec 25, 2008 12:25 pm

This is Official Command Penguins Forum Rules
Our Rules:

1. No SPAMing
Spam is this fasGFEHFWEFJ and one word posts

2. No advertising
No advertising in the wrong place only advertive in advertising treads

3.No giving out IP's
This can lead in permant or heavy bans

4. No adult things
This will lead in heavy bans

5. No cussing
This may lead in a infraction or a ban depending on how bad the word is

6. No being mean or rude
Please dont be mean or rude to users/mods/admins

7. No double posting
Please do not post two times in a row just edit your post this will lead in a warning/infraction

8.No Asking to Become Administrator or Moderator
Dont ask to any Administrator! We will choose you.

That is all the Rules Have Fun and Remember to Follow all Rules!!
If you have broken a rules you will be giving a infraction!!
Have a nice day!!

Yours sinsery Blues@kid1,Green@kid2,blinxaki and Neojet
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Official Rules 2.1
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